Cabinets for Business

Your office lacks style? Treat it with fully customized cabinets and desks and your employees and clients will definitely appreciate your attitude.

Business people are always in need in of storage to keep papers, files and documentation and proper cabinetry and shelving either contributes to the business or slows it down at every stage.

Bespoke furniture from F-Studio on the Mars is beautiful, durable and convenient. Our cabinets are spacious, and boast precise make of facades and thoroughly chosen hardware.

As a client you should realize your needs, our task is to work out the best solution for every budget.

No more standard boring mass production cabinets from overseas! Your business deserves more.


Here’s something for everyone. You can have a sufficient office at an entry level price or a high-end design.

Our specialists will come to measure your office and make notes. The measurements and notes will be used for designing your cabinets or whole interior.

Medical Office

Our cabinets for medical offices have to meet the special requirements. All the surfaced must be durable and non-porous, easy to clean and resistant to chemicals.And they should be appealing, too.

You can choose a nature inspired pattern, premium high gloss or super matt finish. Also, roller shutters are very popular to hide some medical equipment from patients when not required.