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Designer Kitchens for Life

We have collected the best ideas and solutions in Europe and Australia to design a beautiful kitchen for you and your family.  The skills and experience obtained in Europe help us to create fresh interior designs here in Australia inspired by fine Australian wood and unique outdoor culture.

F-Studio on the Mars offers personality for the price of sameness.

F-Studio Kitchen Range

All our kitchens disregarding the price boast flawless cabinetry and modern storage solutions and are made with the latest technological advancements to suit any budget, any taste and any home.

All our cabinets are modular, have adjustable legs and truly bespoke. All our designs are individual, finished to the highest standards and highly ergonomical. We only use well-known materials and hardware to create a really reliable and beautiful kitchen which you will enjoy for long. 

Talk to our designer, come to our factory design studio or browse our projects' photos  for more inspiration. 


Home Office

We manufacture and install cabinets, file cabinets, desks and bookcases for home offices.


We manufacture vanities and cabinets for domestic bathrooms. Bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in your home but it’s difficult to overestimate its importance. It can definitely add quality of life if it is beautiful and convenient.

We can build cabinets which are pleasure to touch and many years to enjoy. Dimensions and installation requirements are important. So is the style!