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Renovation Step by Step

Your Kitchen Renovation Project with F-Studio on the Mars includes several stages. This will help you understand better how it works.

Initial Briefing

Listening and asking questions are very important at the first meeting.

It can be either in our cozy design studio in Malaga, right above the factory, or as a home visit (inspection). This initial talk will help the project manager understand the goal and the size of the project, note down your essential requirements and preferences to proceed with the Preliminary Quote.

Measurements and Design

Precise measurements are essential to locate your kitchen with minimum gaps.

Once you sign the Preliminary Quote, your project manager will arrange the second (final) inspection. Our technician will double check the measurements and spot the pitfalls.

If the room is clattered or littered, the final inspection can be rescheduled and it will incur an extra charge. Some minor variations on the scope and cost estimate of the job might occur, too.

As a result of the measurement, we will get a sketch of the room, with the dimensions necessary for the design of the kitchen. We will determine the points of connection of household appliances (electricity, gas, water, and ventilation), all kinds of projections, window sills, cornices, and so on.

If the corners in the room are more than 91 degrees and less than 89, the preliminary design will need a revision. 

Depending on the complexity, designing can take 5 to 10 working days. You will get a true-to-life 3D model for better visualization. When the design is approved by both sides the stage of building cabinets begins and it will take 2-4 weeks depending on the scale of the project.


Demolition of the old kitchen usually takes one day. At this stage electricity, gas and water are disconnected by the specialists. This is an important milestone of the renovation project. All the waste is collected into the bins and will be disposed after the installation of the new cabinets.

Room Preparation

Minor or Significant Structural Changes

Good preparation is half the battle

Sometimes we only need to clean up the room. Quite often, however, some plastering or finishing is required to prepare the walls for installation of the new fittings and splashbacks.

If significant structural/framing changes such as taking down a wall, moving doors, or adding windows, are the case, this stage can take two or three days. The variable is based on the scope of your kitchen renovation project.

Plumbing Job

Good plumber can save a day

Anything that needs to be moved, cut off, or changed, will require one day for the plumber to interfere. If it’s a large complicated job, the plumber may need two days.

Please be aware that the plumber comes twice, before the cabinets are installed to disconnect water and gas, at least, and after, to connect water and appliances.

Electrical Job

At this stage major electrical jobs are done to provide lines, outlets etc , and,  it can take 1 day, sometimes longer, due to the scale of the project.


HVAC — Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

Next up would be if you have any  HVAC ductwork that needs to be done or moved. Our job is coordinating the trades so that the job was completed sufficiently.

Usually, the job is done along with electrical ones and on the same day.

Walls and Ceilings

A turning point of the project: you can see the first upgrades

Depending on what finish is chosen, this stage involves patching and painting or plaster boarding. Patching may take from a couple of hours to a couple of days, and painting will need at least 2 layers to dry properly which means, accordingly, at least a couple of days.


If the flooring is part of our design service, we recommend the clients installation of the floors before and under the cabinets.

Timing depends on the material you chose. We attract partner companies to do the job but you can opt for your own master.

Cabinet Building, Delivery and Installation

New construction level

If you calculate all the days above, we are approaching the fourth week and are at what we call “new construction level.” We have a brand-new room with new floors and new ceilings. Now your new cabinets have to be delivered, so your Project manager coordinates a cabinet delivery. Then, the installation team have to come in and set those cabinets. Again, a typical kitchen will usually take us about 1-5 days to set the cabinets. Depending on the size of the room and the details in the design, it could be a little bit longer or shorter. When we have enough or all of the cabinets in, the benchtop can be templated. Also, at this stage we double check the splashback sizes and send them to production.


Benchtops are fabricated off site so accuracy is the key

The benchtop can be templated even if the cabinetry isn’t completely installed. Now you have a week to 10 days until the benchtop is ready for installation. For the stone / engineered stone please allow 2 weeks. The benchtop is fabricated off site. While waiting for your benchtop to come in, your carpenter continues to work and in most cases he is now doing things like upper crown moldings, skirting, kick boarding, the door casings, the window casings, the hardware, placement of appliances, and a host of other carpentry details. Sometimes we get to the point where all the cabinetry work is done and we are waiting for the benchtop, especially on large-scale projects with more square footage. Once the benchtop is ready, we schedule the installation and they get installed usually within a day.

NB Sometimes the cabinetry cannot be installed until the benchtop is in place or framing/casing must be done afterwards. If your kitchen is designed likewise these factors should be taken into account.

Appliances etc

The next day the plumber and electrician are scheduled to come back to install sinks, taps, dishwashers, oven and other appliances. It usually takes 1 to 2 days for this step.


Now we are ready to install the splashback. If it’s tiled it will take a day to install and then another day to grout. If it’s a glass splashback, it will take a couple of hours for complete installation.

However, you should allow another 24 hours until you will be able to use your new gorgeous kitchen in full.

Every kitchen is a unique project even if they look quite similar. Your Project Manager will supervise all the stages of the renovation and will ensure everything goes smoothly and up the highest standards. Efficient scheduling is a big yet invisible part of the job done by our team.