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All our Doors are made from a wide variety of surface materials  such as high quality  MR (Moisture Resistant) 16mm and 18mm MDF , with well over 500 different colours, finishes and designs to choose from. These materials are manufactured by the renowned industry brands for day-to-day use, so they will not loose their beauty over the years. If you can’t find something online then please give us a call and we will let you know the availably of exactly what you are looking for. Soft closing Hinges is our standard – no need to pay more! We install the time tested hinges from the best hardware manufacturers such as BLUM, GRASS, Hettich with the life long warranty. 

















Laminated Kitchen Doors
Laminated Kitchen Doors

Laminated kitchen doors are made from 16mm or 18mm laminated MR MDF (moisture resistant medium density fiberboard) or MR PB (particle board). MDF doors are made from wood fibers, resin and wax. MDF is durable, stronger and denser than other forms of pressed board, so it can work in almost any application.

Doors can have different finishes: plain, woodgrained and patterned. Kitchens with woodgrain are usually more expensive because the grains have to be either vertical or horizontal and matchnig the grains results in more boards to be used. All the doors are cut to size in F-Studio on the Mars factory and edges are treated with ABS or PVC edging on our state of the art edgebanding machine. The multistage process provide strong adhesion and solid look. 

MDF is solid, dense, flat and stiff. Also, using MDF helps saving trees, as actually, it is a recycling process.

At F-Studio on the Mars we make kitchen doors from the boards supplying form the cabinetmaking industry leaders such as Laminex - Formica (Italy), Polytec - Borg (Australia) , Wilsonart (USA), Egger (Austria). 

Thermolaminated (vinyl-wrapped) Kitchen Doors

Vinyl kitchen doors manufacturers provide all the modern profiles to suit your style. They can be considered a budget version of painted doors, but they also offer a great variety of finishes thanks to modern technology. They have got many advantages but some disadvantages, too, such as lack of heat resistancy ( you cannot install them close to the gas burners, for instance, unlike laminated or painted doors) and limited longevity. Some clients have already faced the issue with split of vinyl, there is no other way to repair the door but to buy a new one.Vinyl wrap or thermo formed doors are a coated door that undergoes a heat vacuum process to wrap an mdf door substrate.Often vinyl imported from Asia do not meet the same standards we require here, and use a thinner vinyl with different bonding properties.

So, here at F-Studio on the Mars , we only order vinyl doors from time tested companies such as Laminex, Polytec, Albedor and local WA manufacturers. The technology allows not only beautiful cornices and crown moldings but also various decorative details associated with the traditional style.

Thermolaminated (vinyl-wrapped) Kitchen Doors
Painted (2-Pack) Kitchen Doors
Painted (2-Pack) Kitchen Doors

2 PAC painted doors (2-pack Polyurethane) undergoe a heat set sprayed or bonded process with polyurethane varnish as the finish on MDF doors.2 PAC gives the option of unlimited colour and easy to suit your colour reqirements.

The luxurious look can be only achieved by a high quality of paint which is time consuming (you should allow a couple of weeks just for the doors) and labour consuming ( that is are relatively expensive)

High Gloss and Super Matt (Acrylic) Kitchen Doors

High Gloss of the doors is achieved by a thin layer of acrylics on the board which provides mirror reflexion on the kitchen doors. Availble in different colours, patterns and woodgrains.

Easy to look after, durable and long-lasting. 

Acrylic doors are also available with Super matt Fingerprint resistant finish.

Companies such as StyleLite offer a board with the unique combination of UV barrier layers and colour formulations, which when combined produce a new level of class leading Acrylic sheet performance. StyleLite is the perfect material to create luxury kitchen and bathroom storage, bespoke furniture, and feature panels

Here, at F-Studio on the Mars, we make acrylic doors in our factory in Malaga and love them for their fascinating gloss  and superior characteristics of the board which has the ongest 10-year warranty. 

High Gloss and Super Matt (Acrylic) Kitchen Doors